Smartroom VDR

Smartroom Review

The “paper” era of companies’ work is a thing of the past, competitive enterprises strive to automate business processes as much as possible with the help of the Data Room software.

What is Smartroom?

Now all spheres of business are actively developing, so almost every enterprise moving forward is quickly faced with the need to implement information systems that will help optimize some part of the company’s work. This is required to remain a competitive organization and to reduce the resources that are used in production. If an organization is going to develop and wants to keep pace with the times, then it needs to establish a quick exchange between its departments. In this case, Virtual Data Room is the best solution.

Data Rooms mainly contain documents – files, letters, records, and transcripts – but can also contain other relevant information in any form. Data in a VDR is a resource that provides legitimate evidence of the value of the target company’s assets and disclosure of its earning potential and ultimately it is worth.

Smartroom is a next-generation virtual data room that does not compromise between functionality and security. Built depending on the ground, each feature has been thoughtfully designed to provide greater efficiency and maximum security for share exchange and collaboration.

While implementing the Data Room, a single database is created in which all the information used by different departments is collected. In this case, the percentage of errors is significantly reduced, since the data is entered into the system once by a specialist, after which it is read automatically by all departments in the format and encoding required for work. In addition, the speed of data transfer when using a single database becomes instantaneous.

Main Features

Smartroom solution is characterized by the following functions:

  • Differentiated allocation of access rights. Individual access rights for viewing, downloading, and editing can be set for different internal and external user groups set up of data.
  • Document protection: Can documents also be protected with a watermark and only made available as PDF (and not as original files).
  • Document preview: the contents of the data room can be displayed quickly and directly in the web browser without downloading the document.
  • Security: Specific password guidelines are defined and a disclaimer and 2-factor authentication are activated in the data room.

Advantages of Smartroom for your business

Smartroom management software has the following advantages in comparison to its alternatives:

  • Providing a convenient workflow. The main purpose of the Data Room is to provide fast documentation (invoices, invoices, reports, prices), as well as subsequent operations with them (search, access, forwarding, editing).
  • Transparency of information. The program should record all operations, parties, volumes, and dates of their performance, which will make the company’s work more transparent for analysis.
  • Access control for different levels. Since the system covers a very large amount of information about the work of the company, most of which should remain closed to employees of lower levels, customers, and partners, it should allow you to close some of the data for users with different permissions.
  • Unified data network. Smartroom should provide the ability to track all processes separately (for example, transactions) at all levels from production to registration of a sale and payment of tax.
  • Working with clients. The system should allow a full accounting of data for each client, regardless of how many legal entities are included in the structure of the latter. This implies not only the ability to provide the client to work through his account but also the storage of data on completed transactions,